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ORC Week 7- Cheeto Artwork, a cat hammock and bookshelves

I did a random assortment of things for week 7 of the One Room Challenge. You can check out everyone else’s projects here. First up- SHELVES

It might break my heart a bit to drill into this wallpaper but its happening. DIY Cartel sent me some really cool brackets that I’m so excited to put to use because my kid is a READER and loves his books which means he has a PLETHORA of them. I’m definitely not complaining, I’m just very excited to get the books up off the floor since I took out the old shelf 7 weeks ago.

I got three sets of these brackets in black and grabbed some 1x12 common board from lowes and got to work!

I decided to make these shelves 32” in length so that they didn’t span the entire space but enough to hold plenty.

Hanging shelves doesn’t have to be scary! I measured first and marked where I wanted them to go. I decided to put the brackets on the shelves first before handing them on the wall just to make sure I got them perfectly level. I put the shelf up to the wall, made sure it was level, made pencil marks through the screw holes and then inserted my anchors. Once those were in, I hung my shelf! Easy peasy. Got the other two up without a hitch and put all the books on their new home.


So my son has been collecting Cheeto bags from his school snacks. I don’t get it but I let it happen. Finally I asked why in the world he was collecting Cheeto bags…? His answer? He wants the record for the biggest collection. My response? Okay but let’s make something cool from them. So in honor of his love for Cheetos the snack and Cheeto his cat, we made this pop art-esque Cheetos poster by hot glueing them to cardboard, covering them with thin plexiglass and building a frame from scrap wood.

Last (and my personal favorite)- CAT HAMMOCK

I was eying a cat hammock on Amazon when I realized I had all the scrap materials necessary to make one. I’ll be doing a more detailed blog post on this later. But I am THRILLED. So is Cheeto.

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