• Meg


That’s right. It’s snake time. Now, I’m sure some will hate this. Or think I’m nuts. And that’s okay. I can handle it. But! Keep in mind that this is only the second layer of stencils. We have a lot more to go.

I got this stencil from Etsy (the one I ordered us 11 inches) and it’s slightly flimsier than the others so I used a bit of tape on a couple of sections to keep it more together.

This color is Sherwin Williams Bronze Green and I love it.

I did the same process as last week, finding a space, stepping back to see the whole picture, and finding another space for the next one.

Once they were all on, I went back in and did a little detail work with a small brush.

Next week I may be taking a break from stenciling and changing out door hardware. But I cannot WAIT to get the rest of the stencils on!

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