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ORC Week 5- Bed and BEDDING

Nothing more annoying than being awoken in the middle of the night from your bed creaking as you turn over, right?

Well, that's what my dude has been dealing with for a hot minute so one of the biggest parts of this room makeover for him was a new bed frame.

So for week 5 of the ORC (check out this weeks posts here) I partnered with Zinus and I couldn't be happier with the frame we chose.

This is the Linda Wood Platform bed.

The whole frame came in one box and included the tools necessary to put it together. I was able to do it by myself, in under 30 minutes and it's SO GORGEOUS.

The mid century vibes seriously upgraded his room instantly from kid to preteen and I'm having a moment.

This bed frame doesn't need a box spring so I was able to chuck that and just use his mattress which just looks so much cleaner and sleeker, in my humble opinion.

Now for bedding! Y'all already know I've been obsessed with Beddys since we got them for my younger son's bed so I had to get m oldest a set as well. He was so excited because he's been coveting his brother's set for months. These bed sets come with everything you need and the comforter and flat sheet are all one piece, connected by a zipper so making the bed for them is stupid easy. You can use my code BAKER for 15% off. I promise you they are worth it.

He picked out this green set and I was a little worried about it clashing with the other greens in the room but it really goes so well, and I love it with the yellow nightstand.

I threw together a quick little llama gallery wall that he requested but we are still waiting on one last piece to complete it.

We are getting so close to the end! Next up- SWITCHING OUT THE FAN! love,


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