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ORC Week 2: Whipping this closet into shape.

It’s week 2 and I am so excited to check out everyone’s progress! You can keep up with all the One Room Challenge projects here. And you can check out my mood board from Week One’s post:

Week One This week, I’m getting the not fun stuff out of the way.

This closet was a bit of a disaster. IKEA cubes shoved in and no method to the madness.

I started by taking out the cubes, sorting through all of his things (lots went to be donated) and cleaning.

I added a rod for hanging clothes since it didn’t have one, a couple of shoe shelves from Lowes, and a long shelf across. The difference it made is INSANE. Now he can actually find his things.

Now for something interesting… since the closet is on the wall that will hold the cat shelves, I’m going to paint it a different color- including the closet doors- to make it a cohesive space.

But first I had to take down the old shelves and desk. I didn’t do a great job with these shelves the first time around- didn’t quite get the studs and we’ve had issues with them since. So, down they come.

Once the walls were patched, I was ready to paint.

I chose Sherwin Williams color of the year Evergreen Fog. I think it goes really well with the bedding and wallpaper colors. I chose to use a flat finish paint because I love how velvety it looks when it’s dry.

I grabbed this futon chair from our local Bargain Hunt (it’s a discount store) to serve as space for him to chill as well as an extra bed for friends and family.

And that’s week 2 done! Can‘t wait for next week!



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