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One Room Challenge week 2- PAINT

Updated: May 19

One room challenge week 2 is here! This week I didn’t do a ton but I also did a TON. It was Mother’s Day weekend and my mom and stepdad were visiting as well so this kinda got put on the back burner. But! I did get the doors, baseboards, and walls all painted which is the foundation for the fun stuff! I went with the same white I used in the rest of the main living area which is Behr Whisper White. And then Sherwin Williams Malted Milk for the doors and baseboards.

I did the doors and baseboards first so that I wouldn’t have to spend a ton of time taping them off. I am replacing the doorknobs and hinges so I wasn’t worried about keeping them clean.

I hated the way this beigy pink looked against the grey walls but I powered through.

Once that was dry, I painted the walls white.

It was storming pretty heavily during this process so my dogs were VERY NEEDY.

This is just the first step- the fun stuff is coming!

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