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Modern Painted Arch

Got a blank wall and 30 minutes? Paint an arch!

This is such a great way to liven up a space or try a new color. AND! If there’s one thing I find myself saying OVER and OVER, it’s, “it’s just paint.”

Don’t like it? Paint over it. Simple.

So I have this random little wall that has held a few different things- artwork, this giant accordion rack, etc...

But recently, a couple of the pegs got broken off so I wanted to change things up.

I removed the accordion rack and filled in any holes on the wall.

Then I started by mapping out my arch. I measured the same distance in from each wall edge and drew two straight lines.

Then I found my center point between the two lines.

Next, I drew my arch.

Here’s how you make a perfect arch:

  1. Tie a string to a pencil.

  2. Place a push pin in the center between your straight lines.

  3. make sure your string is the same length as the distance between your outside line and the mid point.

  4. attach the other end of the string to a push pin.

  5. pull the string taut and connect those lines with an arch.

Once you’ve drawn out your arch, you can tape the straight lines.

I did a thin coat of the wall color over the edge of the tape to seal it and prevent bleeding.

Then I carefully painted along my arched line with the color I chose. I bought a sample jar of Behr Canyon Dusk.

I then filled in the rest of the area. I just used a regular paint brush.

To make it a bit more interesting- I purchased 4 half rounds and did a quick white wash to take out any yellow hue.

I nailed them up using a level to be sure they were straight.

I also used the level as my spacer so that they are all the same distance apart.

I then whipped up a quick peg rack made from left over materials to hang some propagation tubes. See my Instagram for that DIY. That’s it!

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