• Meg

Minimal Paper Towel Holder keep that counter top clear of clutter.

I used scrap wood from previous projects to make this but if you are buying new, here's your list...


1 1/4" dowel

3/4" dowel

1x2" common board



wood glue



3/4" spade bit

Cut your 1x2 and 1 1/4" dowel to 13" - this will be the top and bottom

Cut your 3/4" dowel to 4" - this will attach the top and bottom pieces

Mark 1" into each of the top and bottom pieces

Use a 3/4" spade bit to gently drill a half inch into each piece where you marked.

Fill the hole on the 1x2 with wood glue and insert 3/4" dowel. Insert 1" screw for stability.

Attach the 1x2 to the underside of your cabinet in desired location with screws.

Once mounted, fill the hole on the larger dowel with wood glue and attach it to the 3/4" dowel with a screw for extra stability.

Slide that paper towel roll on and you are good to go!

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