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Floral Wall Decal

I wanted to make my little toilet cave a nicer place to er... be in. So I started by painting at all black. It is a cave after all.

Then about a year ago I added some DIY shelves with some 2x6s and corner brackets. But it was still missing something....

Enter: this magnificent floral wall mural decal! I found it on Amazon and wanted to give it a try. So I clicked order and patiently awaited its arrival.

Each flower and leaf is separate. The idea is that you arrange them however you want! Interesting....

I didn’t have a super clear idea of how I wanted this to go but I knew I wanted it in the corner. So I started with the largest flowers and worked my way out.

I was able to reposition these multiple times to get it right and no paint was peeled off of the wall so these would be incredibly renter friendly. Perfect for someone who wants to make a space their own but can’t paint. I own my home so I wasn’t super worried about that, but it’s nice to have the option to move these if I change my mind.

Once I had my decals in an arrangement that I liked- I put my shelves back up! Keep in mind that this arrangement has the screws for the brackets going through the decal so it won’t be in perfect shape should I choose to move it. But I love how this looks.

I styled my shelves for this photo but in reality, I keep some useful things on them. Toilet paper and decorative boxes for necessary things like cotton swabs, feminine items, etc.

A much prettier place to spend some time in now! 😆 link to decal here.

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