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Fall One Room Challenge: Tackling my son’s room

I did it again. I signed up for the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens.

Make sure to check out that link to see all the designers and their projects.

This time I’m tackling my oldest son’s room (with his permission and input in all aspects of the design).

I painted his room and built him a desk (that he only uses to store junk) 3 years ago when we moved in to this house so it’s time for a little revamp.

Disclaimer *I don’t often share my kids or their spaces on social media to respect their privacy so I made sure that he was okay with me posting before committing to this challenge.* Here is the before!

And more views plus outtakes:

It’s not bad for sure. I love the green he picked for his current setup, but hes ready for new decor and for it to feel a little more “him.”

For this design, I can only take credit for planting ideas and producing a child with great taste 😆. He either picked everything out and/or gave the 10 year old nod of approval for what I picked out.

So. Here’s what we are planning:

• wallpaper (sticking with green) • bedframe (his is 30years old and creaky) • bedding

• new fan (praise the lord)

• futon chair (for friends to stay over)

• DIY shelves • DIY cat shelves • DIY nightstand

• DIY artwork (Cheeto -cat and chip- related)

• DIY closet revamp

• paint

• mattress?? (Trying to pull this off. He really needs a new one)

I’ll be sourcing everything as we go but BIG thanks to these amazing companies who have already gifted some items for this challenge. Belarte- wallpaper

Zinus- bedframe

Beddys- bedding

Hunter Fan Company- Pacer Fan

I am so excited to get this going! Join me here and on Instagram to follow along!




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