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Easy Peg Rack for Entryway

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The perfect simple rack for a small entry way does exist! I recently wallpapered this small garage entryway and had taken down my old clunky coat rack.

(I had my eye on this wallpaper from Amazon for Months before I finally purchased it. Its peel and stick and so easy to use. I used two full rolls.)

I wanted something sleek, modern, and low profile and this fit the bill perfectly.

Suggested materials:

  • 1x3 common board  (Home Depot)

  • 1 inch dowel rod  (Home Depot)

  • 1.5” screws  (Home Depot)

  • Saw- my fave miter saw here

  • Drill

  • Stud finder

  • Level

  • Sander

  • Tape measure

First, you want to measure your space.

I’ll be painting this door, too

Cut board to desired length and sand smooth.

Cut dowel rods at a 30 degree angle, about 3 inches long. You totally don’t have to do these at an angle. They can be straight. I just feel that the upward angle helps to hold things a bit better. I used 5 pieces. Sand these too.

Measure and mark where your pegs will go. Mine are about 4 inches apart.

Attach pegs to board with 1.5” screws.

I left mine natural but at this point you could stain or paint.

Get ready to attach it to the wall! First, find your studs. If you don’t put it into studs, then you will need to use some strong anchors.

Insert first screw.

Make sure your rack is level. My stud finder has a level on it. If you don’t have a level, you can measure from the floor up and make sure that way.

Insert second screw.

Hang your things! Hats, book bags, purses, coats. Whatever you want!

Thats it! Hang your things and admire the view. Mine usually doesn’t look this pretty. It actually has dog leashes and backpacks on it, but at least it’s cute for the picture!

To see this in real time- be sure to visit my Instagram for videos and more tips.

Love, Meg

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