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Easy Open Shelving

Want this look? Keep reading!

You know those cabinets over your fridge? You know, the ones you can't reach so you just store random stuff in there and forget about it. Or you just keep them empty. Yeah, you know the ones. These:

There has been absolutely nothing in these cabinets since we bought this house 2 years ago. SOOOO- Let's take it down, shall we?

Okay, so here’s what you need:

•1 2x12x8 cut into 2 pieces in the size you need. •4 brackets

• screws

• anchors

• level or tape measure

• drill


• stain

• polyurethane

Go ahead and take those useless doors off you won’t be needing them

Go ahead and take those useless doors off. We wont be needing them.

Remove all screws that are attaching the cabinet to the wall and to the other cabinet.

Loosen molding if you have it with a flat head screw driver. Try not to break it as you still need it on the other cabinets.

I was shocked at how quickly this came down with a little tug! So glad this shocked/excited face was caught on camera . Cut the molding at the edge of the cabinet with a saw.

Paint your newly exposed wall to match the other walls.

Move the fridge out of the way and mark where your brackets will go. Ideally these would go into a stud, however my studs are not placed correctly here so I will use anchors for my screws.

Drill pilot holes for your anchors. Insert the anchors and then attach your brackets!

Attach your lower shelf to the brackets!

Repeat the same steps for the upper brackets.

Style your new open shelves with whatever you'd like! Plants, vintage glasses, books, seasonal decor, whatever! As long as it isn't something you use daily- you can't reach it, remember?

That's it! Step back and enjoy the view and contemplate taking the rest of your cabinets down.

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