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DIY Vanity Upgrade

I wanted to update my boring builder grade bathroom vanity.

I painted it last year but was lazy and didn't prime so it was chipping and wasn't looking its best.

I decided I wanted to do a fun slatted treatment on the front like my kitchen peninsula so I headed to Home Depot and picked up these lattice/fill it strips for 98 cents a piece and then on to Lowes to grab some Valspar Cabinet enamel in Sherwin Williams Germinating Green, Cabinet enamel is so much more durable than regular paint as it dries to a hard finish that isn't as easy to scratch.

I started by taking off my cabinet doors. I cleaned the entire cabinet with TSP to make sure all the grime was off.

I had some 1/4 inch plywood left over from another project that I cut to size and nailed in the recessed area of the door. I then caulked the cracks, smoothed it out, and let it dry. You could also use wood filler but I was just using what I had on hand. I sanded it lightly and then primed everything with Killz bonding primer.

Once that dried, I did a light coat of my cabinet enamel. You want to let it dry 8 hours between coats and it usually takes 3 coats to get the coverage you want.

While that was drying, I cut my wood strips to size and figured out my spacing. Its tedious, but you want to sand every piece to make sure its smooth. No splinters here.

Then you will prime each piece, and then paint each piece with a first coat. I bundled them together to do the sides so that it went a little quicker.

Do a second coat on everything and allow to dry for another 8 hours.

Once dry, attach the wood strips with brad nails or wood glue, then do a final coat of cabinet enamel.

Allow to dry and then you can install your hardware! I snagged these and these on Amazon, and only used half so I have enough to do another vanity!

There ya go! Gorgeous modern vanity.

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