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DIY Tire Planters

Heyyyyy! Been way too long. 2020s been wild, y’all.

Anyway- I somehow wound up starting a hashtag on instagram called the #finishedfridaychallenge in which I decided that I was going to start and finish a project before the last Friday of the month, hence- finished Friday. I’ve been putting off revamping my patio all summer so this was the perfect motivation. I’m building an entire sectional, coffee table, planters, etc but I’ll save most of that for another post. So! Here’s an easy project for ya! Total cost for these planters was about $21 for materials and about $25 for soil and plants. Okay here we go:

Step 1: Get tires

You can pretty much just drive up to any tire shop and ask for them and they will just give them to you. For free. SCORE

Step 2. Prime

Spray your tires with a primer or light base coat and let dry.

Step 3. Paint

I used Rustoleum interior/exterior spray paint in “Fossil”

Step 4. Place

Place your tires in desired location.

Step 5. Plant Fill your tire with soil and plants. I used Soft touch Holly bushes.

Step 6. Fill

Remove your dogs nose and continue filling with soil.

Step 7. Water

Water those plant babies!

Step 8. Admire

Step back and admire your new super cheap planters.

Enjoy! meg

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