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DIY Shelf Covers

...and linen closet organization. I’ve taken this month to focus on organizing my home and believe me, it’s not the most fun thing for me. I’d much rather be creating something.

But, I know that having an organized space promotes creativity for me so I’ve put myself in time out from fun projects for a bit and I’m buckling down and making it happen.

We only have one linen closet in my small house and it was CRAMMED. Not at all functional.

Okay this is embarrassing

I promise I’m a clean person... so let’s get to it, shall we?

I bought some baskets from Target. I’d planned on having all white but I bought all they had and had to grab two black ones as well.

I made some labels for the baskets with my Cricut. This way I won’t have to look through every basket to find what I need!

I also decided to make some wood covers to hide those ugly wire shelves. This was purely to make me happy and make the project more fun for me. 😂

I started by measuring the wire shelves. These covers needed to be 22” long and 12” deep and the faces for the front would be 3” wide and 22” long.

So I went to my scrap wood pile and found everything I needed left over from previous projects.

If you are starting from scratch- here’s your list:

•1/2” plywood

•1x3x8 for the facing. (one would cover 4 shelves, I have 5 shelves so I would have bought 2 of these)

•nails Tools:


nail gun



These need to fit over the wire shelves so I needed to make a cut out for the brackets. I used a piece of paper to trace around them so I’d have a template.

Then transfer this template onto your plywood.

After I got them all cut, I had to make some adjustments bc my closet walls are not straight.

Once I got them to fit, I placed all the plywood shelves into the wire shelves and used my nail gun to attach the 1x3 for the front.

Once I got the shelf covers in- I could arrange the baskets how I wanted them.

Shop this pic on my

towels linked here. baskets linked here


whew. Glad that’s finished.

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