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DIY Fluted Couch Arm Table

When your house is small, floor space is precious. But when you wanna drink coffee on the couch? Side tables are also precious 😆 so I decided to make a little table for the arm of the couch for a sturdier and cuter place to sit my mug.

I had almost all of these materials on hand which was even better because it was a CHEAP project for me. I only spent about $15 but if you are buying everything from

scratch, it would be more.

Phoebe might be a little upset at having to release her claim on the couch arm. But I think she will get over it.


  • Foam half round dowels (Michaels)

  • Plywood (Home Depot)

  • Wood glue

  • Brad nails

  • Caulk

  • Spray paint

  • Edge banding (Home Depot)

  • Plastidip (Home Depot)

I bought 12 foam dowels from Michael’s Craft store. You can use regular wooden half rounds too.

I already had some of this maple plywood left over from my Arch Shelf DIY but you could use any wood you have on hand or that you like. You’ll need enough for the top and two sides. I used leftover MDF for the side pieces.

Plywood edges are not cute so if you go with that- you might want this iron on edge banding also. Makes those edges nice and pretty.

First, spray your foam dowels with plastidip- this seals the foam and allows it to accept the paint. If you are using wooden dowels- you can skip that.

Once that dries, paint with your desired color. I’m using Rustoleum Rustic Pink.

Measure the width of your couch arm and decide how big you want the table. I wanted mine to come over a decent bit so there’s plenty of room on it. My final piece measures- 12 inches wide and 13 inches long. The side pieces are spaced 8 inches apart.

I also wanted mine to be rounded on the outside so I traced the lid to my dog food container to make an arch. Gryff was a tad worried.

Then you’ll cut your top piece, and if you haven’t already, cut your side pieces too. My sides measure 6” and 10”. The longer side will go on the outside of the couch.

Sand the edges smooth.

Then you’ll cut your half round dowels to the right lengths. The foam ones cut very easily with a box cutter.

I used a bit of spray adhesive first to lay them on.

Then I used my little brad nailer with 1/2” brad nails to secure them.

Fill all the holes with caulk and once it dries, do another coat of paint. I also trimmed my pieces down slightly because a couple of the dowels were uneven.

I used Titebond wood glue to secure the side panels to the top piece.

Clamp and allow to dry for at least an hour. I let mine sit overnight.

Add your iron on edge banding to the edges of the plywood top.

Trim the excess width off with a blade. Be careful as you can get splinters from the edge banding and it is NOT FUN. I sanded them lightly after attaching.

That’s it!

Please ignore the dog hair on my couch, it has become part of the fabric.

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