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DIY Arch shelf

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How to make a gorgeous custom arch shelf with minimal tools. It’s perfect for an entry way drop zone, a bathroom towel holder, a hat shelf, or even a plant shelf. I have mine in the kitchen to hold charcuterie boards and some knick knacks. Follow me on Instagram for the full videos.

Step 1. Gather materials and tools.

Let’s make this shelf!

Tools needed:

jigsaw or router

sand paper





push pin

nail gun or hammer and nails


3/4 inch maple plywood

1x3 common board

1” dowel

1.5” screws

edge banding

D rings

wood glue


Step 2. Draw your arch

Measurements for this shelf are

34” tall

22 inches wide

Draw 2 straight likes spaced 22” apart and 23” long.

Find the center of your shelf. It will be 11” in. Place your push pin in the top center between your 2 straight lines.

measure a piece of string to 11” and attach to pencil and push pin. Pull string taut and connect your lines making an arch.

Step 3. Cut

Using a jigsaw or router, cut your shelf.

Step 4. Sand

Lightly sand to remove any jagged edges.

Step 5. Holes for pegs

Using a 1” spade bit, drill holes about 1/2 in into the plywood.

Step 6. Cut and attach pegs.

Cut your dowel rod into six 4” pegs. Sand the ends smooth. Attach pegs using wood glue and 1.5” screws 4 of the pegs will be along the bottom and 2 will go up top as pictured.

Step 7. Cut and attach shelves

Cut your 1x3 into 2 shelves and sand. The longest will be 22” and your small one will be 11”.

Attach using wood glue and a nail gun or hammer and nails. (My phone died and I wasn’t able to film this part, sorry!)

Step 8. Finish edges Use iron on edge banding to finish the edges. Once in place, trim excess with a blade.

Step 9. Finish

I left mine natural but you could finish with stain, paint or polyurethane.

Step 10. Hang

I used 4 d rings and hung on screws. This will be a relatively heavy piece so make sure to find a stud or use anchors. That’s it! Enjoy your new modern arch shelf.

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