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Dining Chair Makeover

Ever see those lots of things on Facebook Marketplace and think to yourself, "I can just buy that, keep what I want, and sell the rest...."

No? Just me? Surely not.

Well, we found 33 chairs. Yup. 33. The fan back shape is so cool and I was totally digging the MCM cafe vibe so I kept 2, my sister kept 4, and we sold the rest for almost triple what we bought them for. Insane.

Here they are!

Totally in love with that shape, totally not in love with the purple seats.

So I popped in to Joann Fabric and went straight to the clearance section and lo and behold... I found the exact green I wanted in an easy to clean vinyl. $9 well spent.

Then on to Home Depot for primer and spray paint. I picked up this matte auto spray paint because I needed something super durable with kids and dogs.

Step 1.

Remove your seat cushions. These were attached with 4 bolts on the underside of the seat.

Step 2.

Slide a garbage bag over the parts you want to protect and use painters tape to secure it.

Step 3.

Lightly sand the legs, just to help the paint adhere better.

Step 4.

Prime- I used Rustoleum auto primer.

Step 5.

Do 2 light coats of your auto spray paint. let dry in between.

Step 6.

Seal with polyacrylic or polyurethane spray.

Step 7.

Cut fabric to fit around the seat cushion and use a staple gun to attach it securely

Step 8.

Cut off excess fabric and Reattach your seat cushions.

And that's it! A whole new look in a super budget friendly way. Less than $45 total including the 2 chairs!

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