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Cane Front Credenza DIY

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hey friends! Welcome to my FIRST EVER blog post. What the heck. I said I’d never have a blog and here I am. I seem to do that a lot. Anyway, I’d been wanting to replace my IKEA TV console for quite some time with something a little more my style.

I reaaaallly wanted something vintage looking and stalked Facebook marketplace for months before deciding that I would just build my own. So... here’s how I did it:

I first spent some time drawing out exactly what I wanted and the measurements I would need.

Lovely little sketch


Table Saw (Click for my fave)

Sander (Click to see my pick)

Kreg Jig



White oak 1x8”x8’- 11 pieces

Oak plywood 1/4”x 4’x8’- 1 piece- for cabinet doors

Cane webbing- 4ft (I found this on EBay.)

Hinges- 4 (I had silver and spray painted them gold)

Handles- 2 (from Amazon)

Legs- 4 (Amazon)

Leg mounting plates-4 (Amazon)

Magnetic closures- 2

Stain- varathane American walnut or your choice


Wood screws

Wood filler

Edge banding


•Cut 4 boards to 60” (top, bottom)

•Cut 2 boards to 58”(upper shelf above doors for soundbar

•Cut 4 boards to 30” (sides)

•Cut 4 pieces to 24” (separate the bottom into 3 even spaces)

The excess wood is what I used to make the shelves and the small spacers on the top cut out area.

Cut door boards into 4 24”x20” pieces.


Say hello to Gryff:


I drilled some pocket holes to attach the wood together at each level. You don’t have to do this but it makes it a little sturdier and I’d suggest it. You will need a Kreg Jig Pocket hole kit.

Attach the sides to the top and bottom with screws, make sure the side piece is placed on top of the bottom piece otherwise the rest of your measurements will be off. Like this 👇🏻

•Then add the shelf 6 inches below the top. Screw into sides.

Place your cabinet sides evenly spaced on the bottom. This should be roughly 20inches.

•Cut two pieces of your leftover wood for the top shelf dividers. 6inches in height and whatever length they are is fine. Mine don’t totally go all the way to the back.

•Your shelves behind each door and in the middle section will be about 18” long but measure your openings before you cut these. Attach the same way you did the others.

•Flip over and screw in legs.

I had to cut down the bolts with a bolt cutter because they were too long for the mounting plates I had.

I also added extra wood on the bottom for a little more stability and strength.

•SAND EVERYTHING again to make sure it’s all flush.

Fill screw holes and spaces where the wood meets with wood filler, let dry and sand smooth. •Stain everything. Let dry and do one coat of poly. Dry for 1 hour and lightly sand. Wipe free of dust and repeat. You’ll want to do 2-4 coats of poly. Do not sand after your last coat.

•Take your 24x20” door pieces and cut out the middle of each. My borders are about 3inches wide. I made a pilot hole with my drill and then used my jigsaw to connect the dots. Stain these too.

•Cut your cane webbing and place on top of the unfinished side of one piece of your door. Place other side of your door on top and use small screws to attach.

•Use the iron on edge banding and trim and stain that.

•Attach hinges and handle.

Mount the door to the console and attach the magnetic closure. •Use extra plywood to cover the holes on the back of the cabinets. You’ll want to measure and cut to fit. Attach with brad nails.

That’s it!

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