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Bathroom Update.

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It all started with a fresh coat of white paint on the walls (Behr Whisper White). And then... then I spiraled. Because it’s never JUST painting, is it? So I used rub n buff on the silver light fixture to make it black and changed out the dated glass light covers to these cage covers. And then I made some new shelves for over the toilet with some scrap wood in the garage. I’d ordered these brackets on a whim a week or so ago.

Once the pretty new shelves were up, my old towel shelf didn’t match right so I made a new peg rack out of scraps. I’m telling you- do not throw out your scrap wood people! I’ll write up a tutorial for this peg towel holder soon.

Got this pretty babe up and then I hated the frame on the mirror. I made it a while back because a naked builder grade mirror is not cute. But it was just too heavy for the light and bright that I’m heading towards. So I thought, “well I’ll just sand it down!” After doing a corner I decided it was too annoying and I pried that baby off the mirror thinking, “I’ll just make a thinner, lighter frame.”

Well. Here’s the thing. I’m an indecisive person. Except when it comes to DIY. Then I just go for it. All of a sudden, I wanted that mirror OFF THE WALL. So. I taped it up. And I pulled that thing off the wall. Heck. Yes.

But then I was committed. And I needed a new mirror. And Joanna Gaines saves the day, ladies and gentlemen. Thank God for the Hearth and Hand line because I found the light wood mirror of my dreams (similar). And while I was there I found the coolest mini rug that was on sale for $13. Big win.

And there you have it. It‘s never just paint. Never.

rub n buff- amazon

rug- similar

light covers- similar

shower curtain- better homes and gardens (similar)

hand towels- better homes and gardens (similar)

hand towel holder- amazon

llama planter- similar

wicker box- etsy shop, similar

wicker vase- similar

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