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$25 Island Update

Yep- I know this is a peninsula and not an island. But I feel like most people have an island and not peninsula... I don't know. Anyway- Let's update it!

This peninsula has been through a couple of transformations at this point. When we bought the house, it was just your standard, builder grade, orangey wood. Blah, right?

So for its first transformation, I used faux brick hardy board and painted each brick in different shades of grey paint. It was super cute. BUT. As my style evolved, I was venturing away from my days of all grey everything. Breaking out of my comfort zone and losing that little grey safety net. I fell in love with COLOR! And I fell in love with finding new, modern ways to use it.

Enter the slatted wood trend. Holy smokes am I in love with it. I've done a slatted wood wall in my entry (more on that in another post) and knew I wanted to incorporate it into another area and add a fun pop to it. And my safe grey peninsula fit the bill.

So I pried off the hardyboard and went to work.

I bought 20 lattice strips for 99 cents each and a sample jar of paint in Behr Shebang.

Then I planned out a pattern- once I got started though, I forgot about my pattern and its on the opposite side that I wanted it to be, oh well.

I cut the strips to fit and used my brad nailer and a piece of scrap wood to keep the spaces even.

Then I painted! Behr Shebang is the perfect earthy sage green.

Thats it! Brand new updated peninsula for less than $25!

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