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$0 Laundry Room Refresh

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

My laundry room was just one of those rooms that was BLAH, ya know? So during this COVID19 quarantine which is now going on a month, I’m trying my best to use supplies I have on hand to do some little updates. So let’s see the before, shall we?

Blah. Boring. Sad. I had some paint left over from my oldest son's room and thought this was the perfect place for it. I painted the main wall with Behr Rainforest, touched up the white paint on the other walls, and then pulled out my gold paint pen and went to town.

I measured 6 inches between each horizontal row and then in my garage found a scrap piece of 12 inch wood that I used to measure out the spaces between each diagonal line. And then just alternated direction by row.

Eventually, once this is over and I can get my hands on more wood, I’ll replace the wire shelf with a wood one but for now, this is a major improvement.

I handmade the sign with a thrifted wood piece and the tiniest sharpie because that’s what I had on hand and it took foreverrrrrrr. But it turned out okay, haha.

I also spray painted the cabinet handles and refreshed the white paint on the cabinet doors.

I will also be updating this annoying door with a DIY modern sliding door as soon as possible and I’m so excited about that. This rug is actually my kitchen rug but I thought it looked cool here. You can find it here on Amazon. One day I’ll also update my 10 year old washer and dryer but they still work just fine, so no pretty ones for me yet.

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