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One Room Challenge week 2- PAINT

One room challenge week 2 is here! This week I didn’t do a ton but I also did a TON. It was Mother’s Day weekend and my mom and stepdad...

Modern Painted Arch

Got a blank wall and 30 min? Add some fun with a painted arch!

Floral Wall Decal

Make your bathroom a bit more interesting with a removable decal!

DIY Vanity Upgrade

Update your boring builder grade vanity with 98¢ wood slats

Minimal Paper Towel Holder

...to keep that counter top clear of clutter. I used scrap wood from previous projects to make this but if you are buying new, here's...

DIY Shelf Covers

...and linen closet organization. I’ve taken this month to focus on organizing my home and believe me, it’s not the most fun thing for...

$25 Island Update

Yep- I know this is a peninsula and not an island. But I feel like most people have an island and not peninsula... I don't know. Anyway-...


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